Dynamics of Multi-Tethered Pyramidal Satellite Formation

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D. Alary, K. Andreev, P. Boyko, E. Ivanova, D. Pritykin, V. Sidorenko, C. Tourneura, D. Yarotsky


Acta Astronautica


This paper is devoted to the dynamics of a multi-tethered pyramidal satellite formation rotating about its axis of symmetry in the nominal mode. Whereas the combination of rotation and gravity-gradient forces is insufficient to maintain the mutual positions of satellites, they are assumed to be equipped with low-thrust rocket engines. We propose a control strategy that allows the stabilization of the nominal spin state and demonstrate the system׳s proper operation by numerically simulating its controlled motion. The discussed multi-tethered formations could be employed, for example, to provide co-location of several satellites at a slot in geostationary orbit.

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