Multi-objective Optimization of Aircrafts Family at Conceptual Design Stage

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Alestra S., Brand C., Druot T., Morozov S.


IPDO 2013 : 4th Inverse problems, design and optimization symposium, 2013 June 26-28, Albi, ed. by O. Fudym, J.-L. Battaglia, G.S. Dulikravich et al., Albi ; Ecole des Mines d'Albi-Carmaux, 2013 (ISBN 979-10-91526-01-2)


We consider conceptual design problem of a family of aircrafts of different capacities yet having maximum number of elements in common to reduce maintenance and operational costs. Each family member has its own operational requirements and cost criteria, which makes the family selection a multi-criteria equality constrained optimization problem. The conceptual design task supplemented with semi-empirical models for geometry, aerodynamics, weights and performances is successfully solved using MACROS software developed by DATADVANCE. We managed to greatly improve considered performance measures and quantitatively describe the whole variety of optimal non-dominated solutions.

Ключевые слова: Оптимизация, Многокритериальная оптимизация, Авиация и космос


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